Case studies

"To obtain Project Twelve’s goal of user engagement, Project Galaxy’s infrastructure powered a unique airdrop campaign entitled P12 Genesis Soul-Bound NFT Airdrop. This campaign was designed to capture off-chain gaming credentials on Steam."


"BNB Chain reached out to Project Galaxy because they wanted to create an influx of community engagement through the integration of the BNB Chain to Project Galaxy. BNB Chain wanted to offer users the chance to explore and try out the BNB Chain in a learn-to-earn campaign with tons of rewards/prizes."

BNB Chain

"Coinlist approached Project Galaxy with the idea of launching their very first NFT Collection in December 2021 entitled “FiatWorks”. They wanted to reward their loyal fanbase by creating two campaigns that would incentivize engagement and web traffic."


"PoolTogether created the Pool Party Season 1 Campaign in collaboration with Project Galaxy. Using the Project Galaxy Mystery box, PoolTogether launched a collectible NFT campaign of 8 cards over the course of 8 weeks."

PoolTogether Season 1

"The fast-growing DeFi space is quite overwhelming for new users entering the space and even for full degens, it’s hard to keep up with all the innovation and changes. Project Galaxy and Coin Gecko wanted to create a fun way to educate and incentivize DeFi beginners and enthusiasts on the Web3 ecosystem."

Learn-to-earn with Coin Gecko

"Developers of the Web3 ecosystem are often overlooked and underappreciated. Project Galaxy wanted to design and reward developers with a special Shadowy Super Coder NFT to all of those who contributed to our ecosystem. We then thought of a way to also help the developers by recreating something similar to the GitHub education pack."

Shadowy Super Coder

"Zk.Link wanted to find a way to incentivize their community to experience their brand-new product design as well as celebrate the release of zk.Link Testnet 2.0."

Loyalty Program with Zk.Link

“Many new initiatives happened in the crypto industry. We found Project Galaxy is a user-centric platform that brings global users together. The Project Galaxy concept aligns with the imToken mission, bringing equal access to the tokenized world. Our learn and earn campaign is the top 1 on the Galaxy platform this month. Project Galaxy team is very open-minded and very collaborative. They share their experience for us to learn the best practices to improve our campaign together. It’s been a win-win partnership.” Long Long, Global Marketing Director of imToken

Community Engagement with ImToken

Back in July 2021, Polygon launched its blockchain gaming & NFT Studios. After 6 months on the market, Polygon Studios was looking for ways to increase NFT creators and buyers on the Polygon Network.

NFT Marketplace Growth with OpenSea on Polygon

The campaign was a success for Project Galaxy with 7,212 community members claiming the Galaxy Girl and Reindeer NFT. Our ecosystem partners also saw a significant increase in their followings, number of active users and also the number of engaged members in their community.

2021 Project Galaxy End-of-year Rave Case Study

The campaign attracted attention and eyes to the Solana ecosystem as a whole. Overall, Project Galaxy helped grow the Solana ecosystem with over 33,400 new users joining the campaign with each unique user trying an average of 5 protocols on Solana. We are also proud to say that 4,826 users completed 10 or more tasks from different partners.

Ecosystem Growth with Solana

BNB Chain has collaborated with Project Galaxy to generate NFT Badges for the committee and MVB participants.

Customized Governance with BNB Chain

"We believe that NFTs are a great way to do brand acquisition and build the cult following. Project Galaxy understood this thesis extremely well and have done an amazing job at catering to our needs and feedback and executed flawlessly despite the pressure. Can't wait for many more collaborations that lie ahead!" Varun Kumar, CEO Hashflow

DEX Growth with Hashflow

"We were thrilled with the support we received from the Project Galaxy team and community for our BNB Chain NFT Spring Carnival campaign as we ended up with an influx of users and traders. We saw a great rise in the number of transactions and volume for collections on BNB Chain. We have continued to work with their team on a more long term basis and are keen on keeping a great relationship with them and their community.” Rene Cao, founder

Growth Hacking With Mintverse